3 Signs your Skin is Dehydrated: Fix it with Korean Skin Care

We are often confused between dry and dehydrated skin. Although both of the conditions share similar symptoms, the former is inherited whereas latter is a result of bad lifestyle choices. When your skin is dry & dehydrated; you may find itchy patches, enlarged pores, wrinkles & sensitive areas on skin. With right Korean skin care products you can fix dehydrated skin in days.


  1. Enlarged Pores

It is true that enlarged pores are usually associated with oily skin. Our skin consist of innumerable pores that are invisible to naked eye. These pores release sweat & oil. When these pores over-produce oil but are unable to discharge it, they become clogged & appear enlarged. This generally happens when the dirt & debris with oil settles down at the base of the pores. Also, with age, collagen breaks down that further add to the enlarged appearance of pores.

Dehydrated skin is also a common cause of enlarged pores. When your skin lacks water/moisture, it begins to produce oil to make up the deficiency of moisture. That’s why, our skin shows clear signs of dehydration along with a hint of shine across t-zone.


  1. Itchy Patches

Dehydrated skin feels stretched & dry. It becomes dull & lack-lustrous. It is accompanied by sensitive areas distributed across the face. Some people with dehydrated skin have sensitive forehead while others will find most nuisance around cheeks and under eyes.


  1. Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Dehydrated skin is quick at developing the early signs of aging i.e. fine lines & wrinkles. It appears thin & brittle. There is a very thin line between dry & dehydrated skin but closely analyzing wrinkles will help you determine if your skin is dry or dehydrated. Unlike dry skin, dehydrated skin develops triangular small lines most significantly on the forehead whereas when your skin is dry you will develop crow’s feet & laugh lines near mouth.


How to Fix Dehydrated Skin with right Skin Care Approach

After you have diagnosed the root cause of your troubled skin, you can more wisely form a skin care regime to improve your skin’s texture. Dehydrated skin is greatly affected by environmental factor, poor diet, substandard cosmetics & hormonal imbalance. Dehydrated skin lacks water therefore the treatment lies in providing enough moisture by drinking a lot of water, cutting down on alcohol and other products that contribute to dehydration in the body & switching low quality cosmetics with hydrating facial oil & serums.

Korean Skin Care Serum for Dry Skin: Use Cloud9 All Alive Deep Moisture Serum

It’s a deep moisturizing serum which maintain oil moisture balance in an attempt to improve skin texture & reduce dryness. Cloud9 All alive deep moisture serum has a sticky texture which gets readily absorbed without leaving an oily or sticky sheen. It is composed of triple moisturising ingredients, ice land water & cloud berry that is able to retain moisture in skin when its 40 degrees below zero.


This Korean skin care serum addresses both dryness & dehydration. Since it’s a serum it shares tiny molecules that go deep into skin & repair damage while providing instant hydration. It also strengthen skin barrier that ensure water retention & prevent moisture escape. This serum when applied on daily basis makes your skin firmer, softer & supple like babies due to having high concentration of hyaluronic acid.