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Yap International Trading Sdn. Bhd  (1189294-X) is authorized by Claire’s Korea as sole distributor in Malaysia.  Cloud-9.com.my/Cloud-9.my was founded by UNIQSO Holdings Sdn Bhd (1106908-A) to distribute Cloud 9 products via online. Cloud-9.com.my/Cloud-9.my is the official site in Malaysia. 


Cloud 9 products that are not purchased from authorized resellers, do not guarantee the authenticity and expiry of the product. Please be sure to buy from authorized Cloud 9 resellers for authenticity, warranty and customer service. 



Main Channels

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Offline stores

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Other online stores

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Authorization Letter from Claire’s Korea



Beware: Unauthorized Seller (Althea) 




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 Clarification of Authentic Product in Malaysia

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