Can I use Serum instead of Moisturiser?

Moisturiser is a formula of different consistency that does nothing but seals in whatever the moisture your skin already possess. Your daily moisturiser itself alone is insufficient to keeping your skin hydrated. On the other hand, a serum is the actual product responsible to provide you an immense boost of hydration. Depending on your skin type you may need serum along with moisturiser & even a facial oil to help ensure your skin gets its food to stay supple & radiant.

Why should I even use a Moisturiser?

Moisturiser has been the basic and primary skin care product since don’t know when. However, despite using moisturiser everyday multiple times, we see little to no difference especially when the chilly winds begin to blow. In fact, a moisturiser only top coats your skin in an effort to prevent rapid moisture loss.

Our skin is made up of several different layers where the top is lipid layer. It forms a barrier from harmful UV rays, chemical damage & other environmental aggressors. When the lipid layer depletes, it loses its ability to hold & retain the moisture. It is very important to strengthen the top layer using an oil serum and a moisturiser where oil serum with its larger molecules repairs the lipid layer and the moisturizer on the top protects whatever you apply underneath.

What does Serum Actually Do?

A serum is a light weight gel like consistency that has water soluble ingredients and a smaller molecular structure. Due to having small molecules a serum is able to penetrate deeper into skin layers where your regular moisturiser can’t make its way through.

It is rich in concentrated ingredients and is used for spot fixing the issues such as skin brightening, hydration, improving fine lines & wrinkles, inflammation, acne & hyper pigmentation etc.

Which Serum is best for Oily & Dry Skin?

A water based serum by far is your best bet. Cloud 9 All-Alive watering serum contains ice land water & glacier water rich in minerals that provide an intense hydration right away. It is noncomedogenic (non-clogging) so your pores stay clear. 


In case you would like to improve how your skin appears, adding a serum to your daily skin care routine helps. A moisturiser is needed to protect whatever you apply underneath from rapid evaporation. You may need hybrid products such as an oil serum to strengthen your lipid barrier if your skin is extremely dry, patchy and flakes off.