Dry or Dehydrated: Do you need to moisturize or Hydrate?

“Moisturising” and “Hydrating” are the two terms that are used interchangeably. Although both the terms go hand in hand, there is a huge difference between both. Failing to understand which will wreak havoc on your skin care routine. Hydration typically means products binding water molecules to your skin whereas moisturising products are usually those that prevent loss of moisture. Still Confused? Continue reading below


What are Hydrating Products?

If you find your skin flaking and peeling off- you are probably dehydrated. Dehydration is a medical condition that occurs due to a number of life style habits for instance consuming alcohol, smoking, using chemical-laden products, hormonal imbalance, stress & environmental aggressors. To provide deep hydration you need skin care products that contain hydrophilic or water-loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound in human body that keeps skin soft, smooth and supple like babies. It helps retaining water in the body. The production of hyaluronic acid reduces as you age or lose moisture in the body. The more you keep your skin moisturised, the more will it be able to prevent water loss. One of the best hydrating product is Cloud 9 All Alive Watering Serum. Remember, a serum has a tiny molecular structure that allows it to be penetrated deeper in skin. The watering serum hence then reactivate water routes & provide deep hydration repairing the damage.


What Products Deliver Moisture?

If you feel your skin tight and stretchy, you have inherited dry skin. Dry skin is not a condition but the type of skin that runs in the family. When your skin loses its ability to produce enough natural oil it becomes dry. Dry skin is also prone to transepidermal water loss (TEWL) which means it lets evaporation of water leaving your skin both dry & dehydrated. Moisturising products are humectants that prevent moisture loss such as Cloud9 All Alive moisture serum. It improves your skin by strengthening the lipid barrier. When your top most layer that is exposed to environment is strong & healthy, you have a nourished mantle that won’t let harmful environmental aggressors reach your skin. It also prevents water loss from under the deeper skin tissues keeping your skin moisturised.


Bottom Line

To be clear cut dehydration means lack of water & dryness means lack of moisture/oil. To hydrate you need water binding ingredients and to moisturise you need products that provide oil. Maintaining oil moisture balance is the key to achieve healthy, firm & glowing skin. Using harsh chemicals on your skin depletes your lipid layer that is supposed to act as a barrier ripping your skin off its natural oil. As a result, you suffer water loss that further makes your skin dehydrated and brittle. To improve your skin drink enough water every day, reduce on oily/fatty products, alcohol & stop using substandard cheap cosmetics. Incorporate botanical skin care products to get a skin that envies!