How Korean Skin Care Toners are better than Astringents?

Including a skin care toner in every day skin care routine has always been the most confusing. A toner is not always necessary if your facial cleanser is PH balanced, opine skin care experts. Yet, it is recommended to use toner every once in a while to keep your skin plump and hydrated. In West, toners are usually alcohol-based that may leave your skin dry and irritated. They are often called astringents whereas in Korean skin care it is toner that enjoys the pivotal position in achieving healthy, glowing & dewy finish. So which is better for your skin? Continue reading to find out if it should be the toner in your cart or alcohol-based astringent the next time you walk in the aisles of your favorite drug mart!


How Toners/Astringents Affect PH of skin?


Human skin is protected by the outer layer “acidic mantle” that is comprised of sebum, fatty acids, lactic acid and amino acids. This acid mantle prevents skin from bacterial intervention, inflammation caused by harmful environmental aggressors & chemical laden products that strips skin off its natural barrier. Human skin is slightly acidic that ranges from PH 4 to 5.5.


Although the necessity of toner in skin care routine is still debatable among estheticians and dermatologists, consumers swear by their favorite toners. Since bar soaps and most of the modern day facial cleansers are strongly alkaline due to the presence of SLS (a foaming detergent that has a PH of 12) they disrupt the natural PH of human skin. As a result people notice dryness, irritation, flaking and peeling & inflammation.


Using a Korean skin care toner helps restore the PH balance of skin. On the other hand an astringent does just the opposite. Although both of the products are supposed to provide a squeaky clean smooth skin, an astringent being alcohol based will make skin feel dryer and taut. It tingles skin and may leave a burning sensation. Oily skin can bear with side effects of an astringent however should be used in moderation. A toner is alcohol free product and is suitable for normal to dry and sensitive skin types.


Korean skin care toner is cult favorite product as it paves way for healthy absorption of the subsequent products. It keeps skin hydrated and allows better penetration of serum & facial oil which repairs the damage and keep skin glowing. Korean skin care toner nourishes skin’s natural barrier, helps retaining moisture & keep skin looking youthful.



Toner and astringent both are water based solutions that are used to wipe the gunk off. The presence and absence of alcohol makes your product a toner or astringent. In West, astringents are commonly sold whereas in Korean skin care, its toner that remains the cult favorite. Astringent could be your choice in case you possess oily skin as it reduces oil. However, must be used in moderation since using it excessively could leave skin dry and dehydrated. Toner, on the other hand is mild & hydrating that leaves no long term side effects but only smooth & supple texture to be envied by others. Korean skin care beauties swear by using organic and mild hydrating toners as an extra step in their everyday skin care routine after cleansing but before moisturising to double the benefits of the later products.