Korean Glass Skin: What it is & How to Achieve?

Ellie Choi/Instagram

It won’t be wrong to state that Korean skin care routine has taken the world by storm. Women around the world are after achieving the same dewy, translucent & rosy texture that Korean beauty goddesses flaunt. Although genes play a major factor deciding the complexion and type of skin; with right skin care products you can make your skin glow. Korean skin care is infamous for its tedious 11 step notoriously expensive regime but down here we suggest a couple of Korean skin care products that claim to bring positive results.

What is Korean Glass Skin?

Korean glass skin is a new trend where your skin is so hydrated and moisturised that it almost shines like a shard of glass. The secret of achieving “Glass skin” lies in “hydration”. It is important to have enough fluid intake besides treating your skin topically with Korean skin care products. More is less, when it comes to moisturising your skin. After daily cleansing & toning, using Cloud-9 Blanc De Illuminating cream will help you master the art of faking “Korean glass skin” temporarily until you figure out a skin care routine that helps your skin flush out the toxins for a clearer complexion.

Cloud-9 Blanc De Illuminating Cream for Korean Glass Skin

Cloud-9 is a Korean skin care line that emphasis on treating your skin by penetrating deep. Containing organic ingredients known for the healing, calming and soothing properties; these products travel deep down to your tissues and help repair the damage whilst providing an immense boost of moisture & hydration. Hydration is something required to maintain your skin’s PH level whereas moisturising means regulating & balancing skin’s natural oils.

Cloud-9 illuminating cream diffuses and settles down softly. It helps reflect light on different angles to make your skin actually shine like a glass. It reduces the melanin production which lightens the skin complexion when used regularly. It keeps your skin supple and moisturised. When used with Cloud 9 All Alive Moisture cream containing Iceland glacier water; your skin gets its food and prepares itself for the coming transformation. The instant cooling effect calms down troubled skin and helps alleviate inflammation caused by dehydration.

 Speed up the process of achieving healthy smooth skin with Cloud 9 Blanc De Whitening serum that locks in the moisture & ensures silky smooth skin that makes a base for an even makeup application.

It is very important to acknowledge that exfoliation once a week and treating your skin afterwards with a luxurious serum-soaked sheet mask is essential to attaining a rosy white glowing texture as sworn by Korean skin care experts.