Korean Skin Care: Do Korean Whitening Products Work?

Korean cosmetologist have provided the world with best skin care products that aim to brighten, hydrate, moisturize & tone. Korean whitening products are promising since the majority of the products contain organic ingredients that are less harmful than the western chemical laden counterparts. Although Korean skin care regime is infamous for its 12 step long procedure; Korean products really help improving your texture that is more even toned & luminescent bearing a dewy finish.

Are Korean Whitening Products worth Investing?

First things first. Korean whitening products are a poor translation of “brightening products”. Korean skin whitening does not mean “bleaching your skin” or turning a tone lighter. Skin whitening in other cultures refer to painful procedures that take melanin out. On the other hand, Korean skin whitening products intend to brighten your complexion by reducing hyperpigmentation, providing immense moisture & boosting hydration.

What are the Several Korean Skin Whitening Products?

There are dozens of Korean skin whitening products available, choosing out of which could be daunting without enough knowledge. From skin whitening essence to ampoule, serum & tone up products, Korean whitening products help you improving the state of your skin. Containing brightening ingredients from organic sources such as floral extracts & semiprecious stones, Korean products help illuminate the complexion. Instead of “bleaching” your skin & ripping off its natural oil, whitening products from Korea actually aim to nourish that make your skin glow from within.

Korean Skin Whitening Products you need

Korean skin care regime is about layering the products in the right sequence. The thinnest product goes first and is followed by the products with thickness in consistency.

Start your everyday whitening routine with toner followed by essence. Toner helps balancing your PH & prepares your skin for what coming next. Essence on other hand provides an instant glowing effect. It targets wrinkles, fine lines & dull texture.

Korean Skin Whitening Serum

Serum is optional. It is more taken as a treatment than skin care. Containing very concentrated active ingredients, serums target specific concerns. From hydration, to hyperpigmentation & lack lustrous skin, serums cover a wide range of issues. Blanc De Whitening serum slows down the production of melanin, reduces appearance of dark spots & brightens skin complexion.

Korean Skin Whitening Cream

Creams are a combination of water & essential oils whipped into a fluffy & cloudy texture. They stay on top of the skin to strengthen the skin barrier. Blanc De whitening cream leaves a thin coating that immediately whitens your skin. It also prevents tanning by providing UV interception.

Korean Skin Whitening Tone up Products

Korean tone up products help toning your skin. Do not confuse it with your toner that comes first in your skin care routine. Skin tone up products are a relatively new trend and they turn a tone lighter by clarifying the skin. They are great around eyes & help making your complexion brighter by combating dark circles. Some makeup products such as primers, sunscreen, BB creams contain a light tint to even out the tone & are also referred as “tone-up” products.

Cloud 9 Blanc De Illuminating cream is a tone up product that you would like to use during the day to prevent discoloration & hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage.

Korean skin whitening products are in every one’s reach. The sole purpose is to turn your complexion brighter, luminescent & radiant without damaging your skin that is common with bleaching products.