Post Beach Skin Care: How to Glow again after a Day at Beach?

Sun, sea and sand is all fun and games until you are back home. It is definitely worth catching the waves & swimming around but what you must not forget about is, your skin. Strong UV rays, salt & sand all may leave a havoc on your skin making it tanned, dry & parched. Although you might have slathered Cloud 9 Ray 360 sun protector generously that not only brightens your skin but also hydrates dry skin; you need a dedicated post beach skin care to help it regain its lost glow.

Post- Beach Skin Care Step 1: Wash it off

It is very important to wash away the dirt & sand off your body. A refreshing shower with hydrating shower gel help your body regain its lost moisture. After returning from the beach you might notice thinness of your facial skin along with a temporary tan. Sometimes, sea salt leave your skin very dry that literally peels off.

Washing your face with an abrasive & chemical laden face wash or bar soaps further irritate sensitive skin. Cloud 9 magic capsule cleanser helps getting rid of skin impurities and dead skin cells. Containing goat milk, it is known to hydrate your skin after harmful exposure to UV rays at beach. Rice water in the cleanser leaves your skin brightened with a glow-y finish.

Post-Beach Skin Care Step 2: Calm it down

You may notice slight inflammation, redness & find your facial muscles stretching after a day at beach. The best way to calm down and relax your facial tissues is to apply aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is easily available in drug stores or you may collect your own if you grow it in your kitchen garden. The soothing effect of aloe vera immediately provides relief from inflammation besides helping your skin gain its moisture back.

Post-Beach Skin Care Step 3: Peel it off

After the skin has settled down, the inflammation has faded and muscle stiffness fades away, you can make attempt to slough away the dead skin cell. We do not recommend using an abrasive exfoliate since skin becomes too sensitive to tolerate the scrubbing. Instead, use Cloud 9 brightening peeling gel. Containing plants & fruits extracts, it ensures gentle removal of dead skin cells. It brightens, rehydrates & brings away new soft baby skin on surface to maintain the dewy glow. Non-irritant & mild, this brightening peeling gel is recommend for every-day use.

Post-Beach Skin Care Step 4: Moisturize

Moisturising your skin religiously every day is the key. A moisturiser does little to rehydrate your skin but to strengthen the lipid barrier. It protects your skin from rapid evaporation of moisture and helps skin hold the water content. Include a night moisturiser in your skin care routine such as Cloud 9 All Alive Moisture cream. The cream serves best as a night pack & also as a massage cream. The immediate cooling effect provides relief and ensures sound sleep.

Did we just forget to mention the importance of hydrating serum? Cloud 9 All Alive hydrating serum penetrates deep into skin tissues due to its small molecular structure. It repairs the damage from within, rehydrates your skin & helps spot fixing issues whilst turning your complexion brighter. Use it every day twice a day in the morning and at bed regardless of any more future visits to beach & pool.