What is a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen?

Sunscreen is an undeniable necessity of everyone’s skin care routine. Although we stay stranded choosing between different powers of SPF, what we neglect is PA+++ that makes any sun balm a broad spectrum protector from both UVA & UVB rays. Korean sun screen balms are even a step advance. Every Korean skin care product aims at “brightening” your complexion & sunscreen is not an exception. Feeling the need, Cloud 9 formulated a non-greasy, light yet effective sun screen that provides 360 degree protection. Besides blocking harmful UV rays reaching your skin, it also prevent damage caused by artificial heat emitting sources such as lights, digital devices, smoke etc.


What are UVA Rays?

We all have wide knowledge about how UVB rays cause discoloration & burning of skin. Unfortunately, we seem to pay little heed on how UVA rays are wreaking havoc in long term. UVA rays are long wave length damaging rays that penetrate deep into skin leaving its damage into every layer. UVA rays are unfelt & are always present even if it is cloudy.

UVA rays make your skin dehydrated & disturbs PH balance leading to pre-mature ageing, wrinkles & fine lines. It’s a leading cause of skin cancer. UVA rays also make your skin lose its elasticity & firmness contributing to sagging skin.

What is SPF & UVB Light?

SPF is the sun protection factor from UVB rays that are short wave-length. They carry the most intensity during sunny days & peak hours. Similarly, they are more damaging in geographical locations where there are more daylight hours. SPF is the measure of time a person would start burning without using sunscreen. For instance an SPF15 would allow 15 to 20 time longer protection that means 2-5 hours.

What is PA+ Rating System?

PA+ rating system was developed in Japan. It is a measure of protection from sun’s silent killer UVA rays that always exists even when it is cloudy. Unlike UVB rays, UVA light penetrates glass & clothing, making it necessary to use only broad spectrum sunscreen. Cloud 9 360 degree Ray provides dual sun protection offering SPF50 and PA+++

Sunscreen application should be the last step as per Korean skin care regime. It should be applied before 20-30 mins of sun exposure, followed by reapplication in every 2 hours. Only a broad spectrum sunscreen can prevent your skin from tanning, discoloration, hyperpigmentation. Cloud9 360 Ray slows down ageing process due to its mild & hydrating formula. Containing 6 natural ingredients, it promotes soft & radiant complexion while soothing inflammation & redness caused by sun damage.